English to Korean Meaning of plain - 평원

Plain :

평원, 스텝, 사막, 싸움터, 선두, 전쟁터, 목초지, 심기 침대, 대상, 산등성이, 작은 지면

일반, 공유지, 보통주, 보통의, 표준, 평원, 직진, 단순한, 소박한, 순진한, 간계가없는, 평면, 플랫, 수평, 부드러운, 명확한, 분명한, 명백한, 노골적인, 얇은, 뚜렷한, 현란한, 철저한, 단호한, 순수한, 적나라한, 솔직한, 일주, 일편 단심의, 집에서 만든, 검소한, 영향을받지, 어리석은, 평민의, 모호, 아무런 장식이없는, 총명한, 일관된, 맑은, 개방적인, 성실한, 열다, 있는 그대로의

명확히, 분명히, 명시, 얇은, 평원, 명백하게, 공공연히, 명확한

평원더 분명가장 명백한명백하게명백평야
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Definitions of plain in English
Noun(1) extensive tract of level open land(2) a basic knitting stitch made by putting the needle through the front of the stitch from the lefthand side
Verb(1) express complaints, discontent, displeasure, or unhappiness
Adjective(1) clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment(2) not elaborate or elaborated; simple(3) lacking patterns especially in color(4) not mixed with extraneous elements(5) free from any effort to soften to disguise(6) lacking embellishment or ornamentation(7) lacking in physical beauty or proportion
Adverb(1) unmistakably (`plain' is often used informally for `plainly'
Examples of plain in English
(1) Thumb ring had amethyst jewel in the middle and the pinky ring was just a plain design with squiggly lines and dots, both were silver.(2) The two have no chemistry, and his personality is plain awful.(3) All furniture forms were plain in design with simple or no surface decoration.(4) Belgium's major geographic divisions are the coastal lowlands, the central plain , and the high plateau of the Ardennes.(5) The lack of highway capacity is plain to see as daily congestion is a fact of life on most key roads that link one province to another throughout Java, the country's economic center.(6) It's a silly train wreck of a show, and at some point, you realize these kids are just plain bored.(7) It is apparent to him that his plain speaking is the reason for these attacks, and this goes to show that his statements are true.(8) She was surrounded by a simple, plain room with a wooden wardrobe and desk.(9) On the outside he was a plain guy, quite normal and polite, but once you got to know him, opinions started to take a turn for the worse.(10) It does not commend itself to the masses, which say they like plain speaking, and it cannot be translated into action, which may be good or evil or neither but cannot be both.(11) If you want to distract attention from your top half, go for a plain colour and style on top and a sexier bottom with side ties or lots of flamboyant detail.(12) She was down to earth, plain speaking, kind and considerate.(13) She was either completely clueless or just plain spiteful.(14) Really, your Honours, if that is what the court meant to be saying, it is directly contrary to what they have said elsewhere and what was plain on the papers.(15) The plain girl was normally quick on the uptake, but it took her a few moments before the horrible realization dawned that none of those dresses had been for her after all.(16) Now, we get to some other typos and a lot of just plain stupid false comments that were made in this book.
Related Phrases of plain
(1) plain paper ::
일반 용지
(2) plain flour ::
일반 밀가루
(3) plain water ::
일반 물
(4) plain sailing ::
일반 항해
(5) plain chocolate ::
평범한 초콜릿
(6) coastal plain ::
해안 평야
(7) plain weave ::
(8) plain language ::
일반 언어
(9) in plain ::
1. obvious ::
2. intelligible ::
이해할 수 있는
3. candid ::
4. simple ::
5. homely ::
6. sheer ::
7. patent ::
9. unvarnished ::
꾸미지 않은
10. spare ::
11. downright ::
13. grassland ::
14. plain stitch ::
일반 스티치
15. champaign ::
16. kvetch ::
Different Forms
plain, plainer, plainest, plainly, plainness, plains
Word Example from TV Shows
I don't think plain oatmeal
was the point of that story.

I don't think PLAIN oatmeal was the point of that story.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 23

I made your favorite oatmeal, plain.

I made your favorite oatmeal, PLAIN.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 23

Just plain old Howard Wolowitz again.

Just PLAIN old Howard Wolowitz again.

The Big Bang Theory Season 6, Episode 5

but he was a genius,
plain and simple.

but he was a genius, PLAIN and simple.

Breaking Bad Season 4, Episode 5

They gave us plain rice
instead of fried rice.

They gave us PLAIN rice instead of fried rice.

The Big Bang Theory Season 11, Episode 12

English to Korean Dictionary: plain

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