English to Korean Meaning of soft - 부드러운

Soft :

벨벳 같은, 부드럽게 하다, 백합, 여자 다운, 알랑쇠, 가짜, 백치, 바보, 저능 자, 부드러운

부드러운, 가벼운, 절름발이, 묽숙 한, 온순한, 온화한, 빛, 쁘띠, 낮은, 융통성 있는, 유연한, 두들겨 펼 수 있는, 휘기 쉬운, 매끄러운, 평면, 부드럽고 아름다운, 쉬운, 단순한, 손쉬운, 자연스러운, 여자 같은, 여자, 암술의, 조용한, 고요한, 평화로운, 여자 다운, 베이스, 짧은, 약한, 약하게, 머리가 약간 돈, 무기력 한, 미약 한 마음, 공손한, 풍부한, 인정 많은, 교감 신경, 감각, 부드럽게 이동, 역청, 애정 어린, 사랑하는, 따뜻한, 따뜻한 마음, 쾌적한, 인상적인, 바람직한, 재미있는, 아버지, 섬세한, 허술한, 젖을 섞은

부드러운부드러운부드러운softies부드럽게연성소프트웨어잘 속는 사람
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Definitions of soft in English
Adjective(1) yielding readily to pressure or weight(2) compassionate and kind; conciliatory(3) (of sound(4) easily hurt(5) produced with vibration of the vocal cords(6) not protected against attack (especially by nuclear weapons(7) (used chiefly as a direction or description in music(8) (of light(9) (of speech sounds, as `s' and `sh'(10) (of a commodity or market or currency(11) using evidence not readily amenable to experimental verification or refutation(12) tolerant or lenient(13) soft and mild; not harsh or stern or severe(14) having little impact, or light(15) out of condition; not strong or robust; incapable of exertion or endurance(16) willing to negotiate and compromise
Adverb(1) in a relaxed manner; or without hardship
Examples of soft in English
(1) Fall Frost Coming, painted in 1966, is a large canvas that features muted trees with soft edges.(2) Lines of business range from clothing, knitted fabric, and leather goods, to food, soft beverages, and liquor.(3) She hated his kisses because his lips were always cold and soft to the touch, too soft , not firm like Timothy's.(4) Most people acknowledge the big difference between the dangers of soft drugs such as cannabis and the likes of heroine and cocaine.(5) And the news itself should be lighter and more digestible: short cycles, interspersed with a lot of soft news.(6) I think it's a soft drug as they say, and shouldn't carry those heavy penalties.(7) The soft carpet beneath his feet might as well be molasses, sucking him down, trapping him.(8) They react even to disturbing news with a resigned smile and soft words.(9) People are being raised to be soft and stupid, and I think it is really about slowly wiping out dissidence and uniqueness in the culture, I really do.(10) Her voice was soft and sounded so far away, but as always, it was enough.(11) By this I am indicating that a soft currency may be acceptable for a while - the question is: For how long?(12) Create suds in a bowl and apply the suds to the leather surface with a soft cloth or sponge.(13) Moving from house to house to house, from area to area, I noticed how hard water and soft water affect the skin on my face.(14) The dissolved salts in hard water have a similar effect, so soft water is advised.(15) Janssen, though beautiful, has no soft edges - her face is angular, her nose sharp, her amazing figure more sculpted than curved.(16) The weather was fantastic, velvety warm, with a nice soft breeze.
Related Phrases of soft
(1) soft drinks ::
청량 음료
(2) soft copy ::
소프트 카피
(3) soft tissue ::
(4) soft touch ::
소프트 터치
(5) soft skills ::
소프트 스킬
(6) soft skill ::
소프트 기술
(7) soft spot ::
(8) soft music ::
부드러운 음악
(9) soft palate ::
연구 개
(10) soft-hearted ::
마음씨 고우 느 인정 많은
1. mushy ::
묽숙 한
2. swampy ::
3. squashy ::
질퍽 질퍽한
4. velvety ::
벨벳 같은
5. gentle ::
6. dim ::
7. pale ::
8. quiet ::
9. blurred ::
10. kind ::
11. lenient ::
12. foolish ::
13. subdued ::
억제 된
14. piano ::
15. balmy ::
16. delicate ::
17. cushy ::
19. flabby ::
20. sonant ::
21. easy ::
1. booming ::
2. loud ::
3. piercing ::
4. plangent ::
밀려와 부딪 치는
5. resounding ::
울려 퍼지는
6. ringing ::
7. roaring ::
8. sonorous ::
격조 높은
9. stentorian ::
목소리가 큰
10. thundering ::
우뢰 같은
Different Forms
soft, softer, softest, softies, softly, softness, software, softy
Word Example from TV Shows
♪ Soft kitty, warm kitty

♪ Soft kitty, warm kitty

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 19

Like Play-Doh
or some kind of soft meat.

Like Play-Doh or some kind of SOFT meat.

Breaking Bad Season 4, Episode 3

Soft kitty

(SINGING) Soft kitty

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 21

Don't get soft on me,

Don't get SOFT on me, Hofstadter.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 14

Soft kitty, warm kitty

(SINGING) Soft kitty, warm kitty

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 2

English to Korean Dictionary: soft

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